Designing Spaces and Solutions That Nurture the Health, Balance, Beauty and Abundance of People and the Planet

Full-service consulting to conservation organizations such as land trusts, non-profit environmental organizations, conservation commissions, land wildlife protection and planning groups, planning agencies, etc. Services include:

Conservation Consulting

  • Conservation Land Protection/Acquisition (prioritizing, mapping, negotiating, fundraising and project management)
  • Land Management (written plans/reports including site/resource analysis, management strategies and implementation, planting plans and lists, mitigation and restoration plans, habitat inventory and mapping, training, management and implementation of land management field work)
  • Communications and Outreach (newsletter design and writing, website design, outreach strategies, promotion, educational partnerships and curriculums) See this sample newsletter written by Jeff
  • Educational and Interpretive Programming (educational program development and implementation including curriculum development, kiosk/sign/brochure/map design, etc.)
  • Trail Planning (pedestrian and bicycle trail planning, mapping, marking and installation)
  • Administration (marketing, bookkeeping, database management, donor outreach)