Designing Spaces and Solutions That Nurture the Health, Balance, Beauty and Abundance of People and the Planet

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces and specialty gardens are places used for specific purposes, designed with specific intentions, which. They typically foster a deeply meaningful relationship between people and the earth and include elements that support healing, ceremony, and spiritual endeavors. For thousands of years, indigenous cultures worldwide have created sacred spaces for similar purposes. Examples include Bighorn Medicine Wheel, the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, labryrinths and Zen gardens.

We have extensive training and experience in designing such spaces, including:

  • Sacred spaces/gardens (meditation, memorial, ceremonial, solar calendars, labyrinths, Zen, etc.)
  • Specialty gardens (sculpture, water, native, xeriscape, wildlife, herbal/medicinal, edible, playscapes/athletic, etc.)
  • Energetic, symbolic, spiritual and nature-based designs and principles that resonate with the Client can be integrated into any project